Main features

  • Connectable with all market instruments
  • A patient folder with all the information about the current visit and all historical data available immediately
  • You can grow with your software, starting with few modules and add new modules as your experience increases
  • Highly flexible and adaptable
  • O papers - you don't pay for archives
  • High level security of your data
  • An agenda accessible on certains slots to the patients 
  • Textos fully integrated
  • Your patients' folders always accessible outside of your clinic on your smartphone 
  • Totally interfaced with local heathcare systems for the paiement 
  • Intefaced with Vidal
  • Interfaced with Ophtabase that gives you the very last lens database directly available in the product, without effort on your side
  • New protocols RNO and RNM supported - orthoptists works alone under your supervision without you on site


Spelogic products


Our Strenghts

Since 1996, Alpilogic provides evolutive solutions for healthcare specialists. Spelogic Ophthalmo became the leader



All our solutions are evolutive and customizable in order to be as closest as possible to your needs. From the small cabinet to the clinics, you can evolve without moving to another software.



The best diagnostics in the minimum of time : confidence with your diagnosis very quickly



All our solutions provide ability to work outside of your clinic with all the data of your patients (cloud solution)

Our solutions

One solution for each situation.


Support Rufus (Mac)

Spelogic Specialities (Windows)

Custom IT work

Maintain and software support in real time