Specialized in custom IT solutions for independant healhcare practicians, our solutions are highly parametrable to be as much as possible inline with your business.

Our products and services

Software designer

We have got the product you need to manage all the administrative tasks and help to have a better patient's folder. We are leader in ophthalmology software.




IT Support

All of our products have an online support in real time. We help you with your IT problems.





We will train you on our products to help you and your team become more efficient on your daily tasks. With our products you will have the right information at the right moment.




Spelogic Products' family

Our philosophy


Our absolute priority : give you the best product free of bugs as much as possible. We use the latest protocols around agility to give you the best product ever.


We give you the most efficient product to manage your daily work.


We give high level of transparency about the price : no hidden costs, transparency is our philosophy